Advanced Application Security Audit - Fraudulent Transactions

Investigating Identity Fraud. - Seizing digital evidence in identity theft investigations.

Identity theft and cybercrimes are a prevalent problem in Europe. Fraud investigations may encompass an array of crimes, including Invasion of privacy, False applications for and credit cards.

Cyber Security company

As renowned Information Security Researcher actively involved in providing Information Security training and services, and former Private Investigator, we are well recognized professionals with numerous successful engagements to our credit. We offers a range of international consultancy services, supported by expertise in emerging cyber-threats derived from the Internet.

Our philosophy is unique : unlike other experts, we have a long experience of running a business, which gives us an global vision of your litigation, wich enables us to offer a flexible approach specially tailored to meet the needs of any specific case.

Never before have we openly shared so much information about our movements. Many aspects of our lives rely on the Internet and computers, including communications texting, transportationtraffic control signals, government social security, finance electronic paychecks, medicine medical records, and education online report cards.

Cyber Investigation is the process of monitoring crimes that occur via an electronic device. Computer crimes include internet defamation, hacking, illegal wire transfers. These illegal activities may be committed everywhere using mobile devices, with internet access. We are able to assist you in preventing these attacks from contain ongoing attacks.

Tracking Hacking Activity on Your Personal Computer - Removing Your Personal Information from Internet - Social network investigations

The threat of cybercrime will increase significantly over the next three years. The growth of use of the Internet has increased exponentially, creating new risks for users. The advancement of the Internet has given exponential rise to the threats such as Phishing. Data spoliation is defined as an act of intentionally hiding digital evidence relevant to a legal proceeding

Information Security Consulting

Almost everyone has created an identity on the internet in order to tap the unlimited potential of the internet for visualizing. Identity expression : Creating your personal brand for your customers is imperative these days. Internet identity is a social identity that an Internet user establishes websites. People define their identity explicitly by creating user profiles in social network services such as Facebook. Naturally there are possible illegal activities going on the net that are constantly manipulating defacements. Security of data assets in hugely empowered cyber network becomes an obligatory aspect for the growth of any business vertical.

We provide investigation of Web Defacement, Telephone calls , Source Code Theft , Phishing, Defamation, Smuggling.

We offer a comprehensive cyber crime investigation services and solutions to detect growing frauds incidents including digital forensics, and undertake investigation in all cases pertaining to the cyber crime

Advanced Application Security Audit - Fraudulent Transactions - Product Liasoning - Credit Card Fraud - Intellectual Property crimes Arbitration

Cyber crime happens to almost everyone who is a member of a social networking website. With most businesses having laptop computers, there is high possibility that many are used for criminal activities. We offer comprehensive analysis service for example in Internet activity.


Cyber intelligence

We are to here to hear your problems . The number of reported computer related incidents are increasing at a tremendous rate which results in drastic revenue loss.

Our company , our tools for your cyber safety, are there for your business as a consultant offering you its support at every level, Cybercrime, Crime against Person, Property, Organization. All our services are highly professional in order to protect the cyber victims.

- managing against the cyber strategy aimed to defend you against attacks, by delivering a world class capability to respond to incidents. - supporting a system with the capability to defeat advanced threats and progressing process excellence.

It becomes important for any organization to stay up-to-date on the latest remediation strategies to safeguard the integrity of the organization. Through our work across law enforcement, we are a seeing growing recognition of the importance of countering these threats, by developing investigation capabilities. The identification of security events as detected by monitoring are crucial for us.

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