Crime gangs ‘turning web into Wild West’

Crime gangs ‘turning web into Wild West’, United Kingdom – Aug 9, 2007
Direct online banking fraud in the UK has almost trebled in the past three years to £33.5 million, while cases of fraud where someone buys an item online

Internet is becoming as lawless as the Wild West, report peers
Times Online, UK – Aug 9, 2007
Millions of pounds are being lost by banks around the world as a result of online banking fraud, including £33.5 million lost by British banks last year.

Dewar case summed up in court, New Zealand – Aug 7, 2007
Customers must protect themselves from online banking fraud People who use the internet to do their banking are being warned to take extra special care.

Consumer advocates to fight NZ Banking code, Australia – Jul 24, 2007
swinging over the New Zealand Bankers Association’s (NZBA) decision to allow victims of Internet banking fraud to be potentially held liable for losses.

Consumers’ Institute in ‘impasse’ over online banking code talks
Computerworld New Zealand, New Zealand – Jul 29, 2007
He says the provision, interpreted literally as it stands, is inequitable in that it imposes greater liability on the customer for internet banking fraud

Online banking rules unfair
Consumer Online, New Zealand – Aug 2, 2007
And if you’re a victim of internet banking fraud, the banks can search your computer to make sure you’ve taken these precautions. If you haven’t,

‘Wild West’ culture on the Net lets fraud thrive
Daily Mail, UK – Aug 9, 2007
Losses from online banking fraud reached £33.5million last year – up from £12.2million in 2004 – and £117.1million was defrauded using stolen credit card

Banks face fraud challenge
South China Morning Post (subscription), Hong Kong – Aug 2, 2007
Mainland banks were repeatedly falling victim to simple swindles despite years of efforts to improve their internal risk controls, the banking regulator

Kenya: Ringera is to Blame for Woes That Stalk Him, Washington – Aug 13, 2007
and Auditor-General, the Police Anti-Corruption Unit, Public Accounts Committee, Parliamentary Investments Committee and the Anti-Banking Fraud Unit.

Beware financial web pitfalls
Advertiser Adelaide, Australia – Jul 22, 2007
So far this year, the ACCC has received around 250 complaints of internet banking fraud, approximately 10 per week. One victim reported losing more than

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