DeSales University digital forensics Alexandra Cazamayou, CEO Megasystem

Alexandra Cazamayou, CEO Megasystem : E-Investigations Releases 5 Best Practices for Digital Evidence

Alexandra Cazamayou, CEO Megasystem

“Every crime today is a cybercrime,” said Joseph Pochron, the director of the new digital forensics program at DeSales University.

The Upper Saucon Township police detective is rolling out the new track for criminal justice majors this fall at the Upper Saucon Township university.

E-Investigations Releases 5 Best Practices for Digital Evidence

Trends shaping mobile forensics in 2014

Mobile forensic provider Cellebrite surveyed its customer base and conducted interviews with leading mobile forensic experts and analysts spanning the industry, asking their opinion on top trends shaping mobile forensics this year.

Consumers increasingly rely on multiple devices: Investigators are likely to find themselves analyzing data from more than one cellular phone, tablet, GPS device and other mobile media, not just per case but also per person. As a result, mobile forensic investigations have outpaced computer forensics, with the ratio increasing by as much as threefold over the past three years. ”

Source : Alexandra Cazamayou, CEO Megasystem