Ignore Internet Fraud At Your Peril, Surfers Warned

Ignore Internet Fraud At Your Peril, Surfers Warned
Motley Fool UK, UK – Aug 16, 2007
Just 15 per cent of people aged 18-25 said they felt ‘very well informed’ about appropriate ways to avoid becoming a victim of online banking fraud.
Brits not bothered by threat of internet fraud Fair Investment Company
Brits shrug off web banking fraud BCS
Half of internet bankers not concerned by fraud VNUNet.com
SC Magazine – Finance Daily
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E-banking fraud in Spain
Euroresidentes, Spain – Aug 13, 2007
The forgery of corporate identities to obtain private information and banking details using fraudulent emails, known as phising is the most common internet

TV3 News

Customers must protect themselves from online banking fraud
TV3 News, New Zealand – Aug 6, 2007
People who use the internet to do their banking are being warned to take extra special care. From now on, customers who don’t have up-to-date security on

Shadow Home Secretary accuses government on e-crime 1:54PM, Friday
PC Pro, UK – 2 hours ago
points out that “online crime is growing fast”, citing a recent report that online banking fraud has risen by 174% in the past two years.

Customers vote with feet over security: survey
ZDNet.com.au, Australia – Aug 14, 2007
“That alone would significantly reduce certain kinds of online banking fraud. Yet many of the banks haven’t invested in that.” Noble said that some banks

Bank fraud reduced on tightened control
CCTV, China – Aug 3, 2007
“The CBRC will improve management and tighten controls on banking fraud and irregularities with a long-term effective mechanism,” Hao Aiqun, deputy director

The final cut is the deepest
Globe and Mail, Canada – Aug 1, 2007
Years ago they issued an edict that discouraged US financial institutions from passing liability for online banking fraud onto consumers, rationalizing that

Facebook’s code leak raises fears of fraud
Guardian Unlimited, UK – Aug 12, 2007
And according to the payments industry association Apacs, online banking fraud increased by 44% last year. CIFAS called the numbers “worryingly high” and

Trust no one, to be safe
Courier Mail, Australia – Aug 7, 2007
Under the New Zealand Bankers Association’s code of practice introduced last month, customers could be liable for losses from internet banking fraud if they

Identity under attack
Courier Mail, Australia – Aug 7, 2007
Graham Ingram, general manager of the Australian Computer Emergency Response Team, says identity theft is a much bigger problem than online banking fraud.

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