improving the techniques to fight fraud and illegal trade on the Internet

assisting the public authorities to take more effective measures against this phenomenon and to allocate sufficient resources for this purpose;
supporting research in the field of the fight against cyber crime;

Action 30: Establish a European cybercrime platform

Establish a European cybercrime platform by 2012.

What is the problem? Wide range of cybercrime

IT networks and end users’ terminals are vulnerable to a wide range of threats, not least related to malicious activities, which could undermine citizens’ trust in electronic communications and in turn prevent a wider uptake of ICTs. Cybercrime is an increasingly growing trend, and the lack of collecting, reporting and/or sharing data and statistics on offences might widen the disruptive potential of those malicious activities.

Why is EU action required? Fight cybercrime throughout the EU

Europol, in cooperation with the European Commission, was invited to integrate all relevant EU national platforms into a single “cybercrime alert platform”. The European alert platform would function as a centre for collection and storage of information about Internet-related offences and for compilation of regular statistical reports on cybercrime. The European Cybercrime Platform is expected to be a major element of the European Cyber Crime Centre (action 31).

What will the Commission do?

The European Commission will:

In 2011:

ensure that the European component of the European alert platform run by Europol is operational.
In 2012:

ensure that the cybercrime platform is fully operational and interlinking with national platforms