Microsoft Conducts Consumer Security Survey

Microsoft Conducts Consumer Security Survey
Dr. Dobb’s Journal, CA – Aug 14, 2007
DDJ: What are the major online threats and cybercrime techniques being used today? AH: In the past year, Microsoft has witnessed a major shift take place

ESA Applauds Game Pirate’s Sentence
TeamXbox, CA – Aug 14, 2007
The FBI’s Washington Field Office handled the investigation and the Cybercrime and Intellectual Property Section of the US Department of Justice worked with

Liberty University Kicks Off Intelligence Analysis Center, VA – Aug 14, 2007
He will speak about cybercrime and online threats from 2 to 4 pm in room 1774 of the Helms School of Government. For the upcoming school year,

Internet hate-speech ban called ‘chilling’
Computerworld Australia, Australia – Aug 4, 2007
The measure was added to the Convention on Cybercrime, criminalizing hacking, intellectual property violations, and use of computers to commit fraud.

Flight plan for security, DC – Aug 13, 2007
Organizations such as the Council of Europe’s Convention on Cybercrime are trying to come to grips with these issues. About 30 countries, including the

McAfee, Inc.’s McAfee VirusScan Named as One of the Most – Aug 8, 2007
“As cybercrime has become more sophisticated, we have had to increase our portfolio to offer broad endpoint, network, data, web, and email protection

UK Government slammed in e-crime report
Secure Computing, Australia – Aug 12, 2007
The UK Government must do more to protect individual internet users from cybercrime, according to a House of Lords report. The Lords Science and Technology

Middle America, Meet The Hackers
Forbes, NY – Aug 7, 2007
That’s not to say that true cybercrime doesn’t hold a certain temptation. Though Dead Addict now works for a major technology company, he says he was once

Teaching hacking helps students, professors say
Register, UK – Aug 7, 2007
students how to hack could lure them to the Dark Side of security – especially if the courses went beyond computer intrusion and into cybercrime.

Defcon diary: The real story
InfoWorld, CA – Aug 6, 2007
At the 15th Defcon computer security conference in Las Vegas, hackers, computer security professionals, and government cybercrime experts from around the

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