Protect your assets


You are a publisher, developer, software engineering company, distributor, and you invested money for software development , creation of multimedia contents, In an optics of long-term profitability.
If you do not set up dissuasive measures to fight against piracy, you should owe to undergo a loss which will put quickly in danger the continuance of your business.
We act in various levels: Auction Site Piracy, Bulletin Board Services & News group piracy, FTP Sites, Warez, Peer-to-Peer, Cracks/Serial Numbers sites, Internet Relay Chat.


-Training and seminars)
-Targeted actions
-Implementation of digital traps
-Marking files
-Direct contact


We develop of techniques which allow in certain cases to do without information provided by providers (long and expensive bringing in procedure of numerous Intermediaries) -False customers

Contentious phase 

We assist you to apply your decisions of justice