Romance angle

A recent variant is the “Romance Scam” which is a money-for-romance angle. The victim is usually approached on an online dating service and becomes interested in someone who has pictures posted of an attractive person who is not actually the poster. The offending party may claim to be interested in meeting the victim, but needs some cash up front in order to book the plane, hotel room, and other expenses. In other cases, they may claim they’re trapped in a foreign country and need assistance to return, to escape imprisonment by corrupt local officials, to pay for medical expenses due to an illness contracted abroad, and so on. As with other variants, the money is usually requested to be sent via Western Union, and the scammer always seems to come up with additional reasons for requesting more funds. They may involve a third party involved to “assist” in getting the money. If the money is not received they may emotionally manipulate the victim to secure it. This type of scam also frequently originates in Russia or the Ukraine as well as Nigeria.

Source : wikipedia

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