Tom Espiner ZDNet UK

Tom Espiner ZDNet UK
ZDNet UK, UK – Jul 27, 2007
Recently, experts have begun to pick up on a shift in who is perpetrating cybercrime. Computer-related fraud and other crimes have become big business.

McAfee’s DeWalt Pushes For Legislation To Battle Cybercriminals
InformationWeek, NY – Jul 19, 2007
Dave DeWalt has been meeting with senators, congressmen, and members of President Bush’s staff to talk about cybercrime. A big part of his focus,

US govt password security still dismal
Register, UK – Aug 6, 2007
“weakest link” in facilitating future attacks, aimed at extracting taxpayer information for the purposes of identity theft or other forms of cybercrime.

Feds Turn to Black Hats
Dark Reading, NY – Aug 3, 2007
Nearly a dozen top-ranking government and law enforcement officials — including the head of the FBI’s cybercrime division — spent an hour with Black Hat

MySpace, Facebook kids need to be watched, say police, Australia – Jul 28, 2007
Police cybercrime school liaison officer Fran Boorer said children and parents needed to be educated about the online dangers. She said it was important

McAfee’s DeWalt: More sophisticated threats
USA Today – Jul 20, 2007
A: What surprised me is we have minimalist laws to address a $100 billion market in cybercrime, which is about equal to the illegal drug market.

World Cup could be a whole new ball game for cyber criminals
Business Report, South Africa – Aug 1, 2007
Budnik, who was delivering a presentation on the threat of cybercrime in South Africa at the Tip-offs Anonymous breakfast yesterday, said that cyber

Enforcement of laws relating to electronic crime is falling behind
Security Park, UK – Jul 26, 2007
“Judging from a recent news report entitled `The Shambles over Cybercrime‘ in the Guardian, the enforcement of laws relating to electronic crime appears to

Digg and Microsoft
Technology News Daily, AZ – Jul 26, 2007
Cybercrime: Addressing Cyber Threats, Report Computer interconnectivity has produced enormous benefits but has also enabled criminal activity that exploits

LOCATION: The DoubleTree Hotel, Boston
Dark Reading, NY – Aug 9, 2007
contracts with other businesses, for example, in advertising,” detective Jeong Hyung-Won of Seoul’s cybercrime investigation team told the Korea Herald.

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